Hello, I'm Seb. 🌱

I'm a Kotlin Developer Advocate at JetBrains. That means I do a lot of stuff, all related to my favorite programming language. For example, I involve myself with:

What does that mean?

Simple – it means I do everything Kotlin! Still not specific enough? Here's a non-exhaustive list of the stuff I'm involved with.

🐧 I tweet!

Personally, at @sebi_io, and sometimes officially, @kotlin.

✏️ I write!

Tutorials and other useful stuff at dev.to (mainly published under the Kotlin organization), as well as posts on the official Kotlin blog.

🎥 I film!

I create videos for the Kotlin YouTube channel, including topics around the Kotlin Standard Library, Kotlin in Education, and side projects I build on weekends and at nights.

🎙 I interview!

I'm one of the hosts of Talking Kotlin, the Kotlin podcast. You can find episodes on YouTube, on Soundcloud, or on talkingkotlin.com.

⛑ I help!

I frequent the Kotlinlang Slack (get your invite here!)

📣 I speak!

Find me giving talks at meetups, conferences, fireside chats, and more.

⚙️ I build!

I write code and build projects on GitHub. I encourage you to explore my repositories – but don't expect everything to work. You'll find many small experiments in different stages of their lifecycle. Learn from the code (and even more importantly, from my mistakes), go forth, and write your own!

Let's stay in touch!

Contact me, and let's chat! I love discussing all kind of tech. Reach out via one of these channels.